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Why Travel Healthcare?

When it comes to healthcare, many have a choice between traditional positions where they work in a single hospital in their field of choice, or travel and per diem healthcare. Though unconventional, travel and per diem positions gives people a certain flexibility that traditional healthcare jobs do not. Instead of sticking to a single hospital for most of your career, you instead are able to move from state to state and city to city, choosing positions in hospitals and medical centers of your choice and spending anywhere from a few weeks to a year there. Of course, landing a position is not as simple as choosing a facility and going. You will likely need the help of an agency to negotiate contracts and land the position and hospital you want, especially if the facility is popular and in high demand. Still, travel nurses are usually in prime positions to snag different jobs in their hospital(s) of choice thanks to the need for nurses throughout the country. What’s more, hospitals enjoy travel nurses because they get excellent workers without having to worry about benefits and other permanent employee requirements. For travel nurses, your agency and contract will have hammered out your pay rates, benefits package, and more so that you get both job security and flexibility: truly the best of both worlds.

Healthcare Jobs in The State Capital

Healthcare Jobs In the State Capital

The living is low

When looking for a travel nursing assignment in California, moving farther north will serve you well. In northern California, the pay rates tend to be higher than those in southern California. This is largely due to the higher cost of living in NorCal, which is in part thanks to the proximity to Silicon Valley and the tech advantages and advancements that come with that proximity. Sacramento is, of course, a bit closer to being a part of Central California or the Central Valley region, and this area is where travel nurses stand to net the most salary of all.  Like other areas in Central California (Bakersfield, Fresno) the cost of living in Sacramento is rather low, making the higher pay rate that much more enticing. It offers a nice balance between the city life of NorCal and the agricultural life of the Central Valley, giving travel nurses a lot to enjoy. As the state capital, Sacramento offers a fun nightlife and cultural vibe as well as high-end restaurants and things to do, all at a lower cost than what you might find in San Francisco or even Los Angeles. In short, Sacramento has a lot to offer a travel nurse whether you are planning to live and work there for a month or a full year.

Best Hospitals in Sacramento

Sacramento is home to some of the best hospitals and medical centers in the entire state. When looking for work here, check out the following facilities:

UC Davis Medical Center

University of California, Davis Medical Center is the top-ranked hospital in all of Sacramento. It is nationally ranked in 11 adult specialties and 5 pediatric specialties as well as recognized as a high performing hospital in at least 1 adult specialty and 7 procedures and conditions. It is a general and surgical hospital, offering nursing staff plenty of opportunities to work with different patients and issues. This teaching hospital is also regionally ranked as the #5 in all of California, earning it a prestigious reputation within the medical community.

Sutter Medical Center

Another general and surgical hospital, Sutter Medical Center is the second best-rated healthcare facility in the greater Sacramento metro area. It is rated as high performing in at least 1 adult specialty and 9 procedures and conditions and is regionally ranked as #16 in California. Sutter Medical is known as one of the leading hospitals and various forms of care, including but not limited to cancer, psychiatry, pediatrics, neuroscience, weight management, and women’s services.

Mercy General Hospital

Ranked as the third best hospital in the Sacramento metro area, Mercy General Hospital is regionally ranked #34 in the state of California. It is also rated as high performing in 4 adult procedures and conditions. Another general medical and surgical facility, Mercy General is an excellent spot for travel nurses looking to glean new experiences and expand their overall skills. With state of the art tech like an online waiting room and service ranging from cancer care and women’s health to neurology and orthopedics, this facility does it all.

For more hospitals in Sacramento and the surrounding areas, check out U.S. News’ rank of the best hospitals in the area. Casting a wider net is best for landing a great job in the area of your choice!

Railroad Museum

Living and Working in Sacramento

If Sacramento is sounding like a good place to work for you, what about living there? Travel nurses should have a certain level of adaptability since part of their job description is that they move around from place to place. Still, you want to ensure that the place you choose is somewhere you can see yourself living for an extended amount of time. With this in mind, how do you know that Sacramento is a good place to both live and work? What will you do around the city on your days off? What about having friends and family up to visit? If all of these questions are on your mind, consider the following perks to living in Sacramento:

  • Great Weather: California is known for its great weather, and Sacramento is no exception. Sunny days, cool nights, and some of the easiest winters around make Sacramento a great place to live if you aren’t into extreme weather changes. Of course, the summers can be a bit warm and dry, but depending on the duration of your assignment, you may be able to avoid this time of year. If not, the cool nights and gently changing seasons make up for any weather drawbacks the city might have.
  • Lovely Neighborhoods to Choose From: Sacramento is a mix of various neighborhoods, giving you choices between a bustling city life and the slow, easy suburbs. Choose from fast-paced Midtown, high-end East Sacramento, the College Greens, or any of the five suburban neighborhoods (charmingly named Cameron Park, Elk Grove, Roseville, Orangevale, and Folsom).
  • Low Cost of Living: It is worth mentioning again that Sacramento has a much lower cost of living than most other areas in California. In fact, the total cost of living in Sacramento comes to just 5% percent above the natural average, which is a total steal for living in California. Consider that the cost of living is 21.5% above the national average in Los Angeles and you can rest easy that you’re living in one of the best California cities for a great price.
  • Living History: As the Gold Rush in the mid-1800s put Sacramento and the state of California on the map in the eyes of history, the city itself is a living monument. Here you can learn all about the Gold Rush days in Old Sacramento, visit Sutter’s Fort, and check out the California State Library.

No matter where you end up on your travel nursing journey, keep Sacramento in mind as a great place to visit, live, and work.