Tips to Negotiating The Best Travel Nursing Contracts

Negotiating a travel nurse contract.

As a seasoned travel nurse or a first-timer, you will typically work a 13-week contract at one facility, on one unit, with a compensation package that will vary on several factors, such as:
Type of Facility- Hospital, Medical Center, Clinic, etc.
Region- City, State
Time of year- Winter, Summer, Flu Season, etc.
And Most Important- The Agency you decide to work with! So…..  Be Prepared before you sign!

You need to know how to negotiate the best travel nursing contract that will afford you read more

What Nurses Love About Travel Nursing Jobs

What nurses love about travel nursing jobs.

Are you thinking of becoming a travel nurse? Whether you’ve been working as a traditional nurse in a hospital and need a change or are fresh out of nursing school, this is a great option to consider. Travel nursing comes with a number of benefits that make it a great fit for certain lifestyles.

For example, if you enjoy being on the move, seeing new places, helping lots of different people, and of course, traveling, a travel nursing job might be the right one for you. When considering read more