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Per Diem Nursing

Per diem or Registry Nurses typically work a flexible schedule at a variety of different hospitals, facilities, and/or areas on a daily/weekly basis. Healthcare facilities are frequently in need of per diem nurses when they are short staffed due to absence in their tenured staff, an increase in demand for nurses due to seasonality, fluctuations in patient census, and other situations.

Per Diem Nursing Advantages

Working on a per diem basis allows nurses to choose the hospitals where they wish to work. Moreover, per diem nurses get to make their own schedules to meet the needs of their personal lives. They are never required to work a weekend or a holiday, if they so choose. Their pay rate is usually much higher than what regular staff nurses take home. As an employee in today’s cutting edge Healthcare industry, not only do you have the choice of facilities and units you work in, you have the choice of which supplemental staffing agency to work with. Healthcare Pros recognizes this and aims to separate our company into becoming a leader in the industry.

Our Commitment

With the continual growth and change in the industry, employees need a company they can rely on. HealthCare Pros prides itself on delivering you exceptional service and producing positive results.

Housing Stipends and Industry-Best Pay Rates

Most of the time, your staffing agency should be providing funds for housing. This is part of what makes travel nursing so attractive – you’re able to live in cities where the cost of living is rather expensive without having to pay out of pocket. However, some nurses are expected to take care of their own living expenses when travel nursing, making this benefit an important and rather necessary one. What’s more, your staffing agency also finds you the best pay rates in the industry, offering your stability for other expenses like groceries, clothing, toiletries, and more.

Paid Sick Leave

When a travel nurse gets sick on the job, it can be very frightening. Since you are in a position for such a short amount of time, you may worry that if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Healthcare Pros abolishes this fear by providing paid sick leave for their nurses so that even when they can’t do their work, they still have some stability.

Health Insurance

Similar and just as important as paid sick leave is health insurance. Health insurance is almost always a perk of working steadily with a company. This means that nurses who work with a single hospital are often offered health care insurance in their benefits package and the expense is taken care of by their employer. When you work as a travel nurse you, again, are not a regular with any one hospital, meaning health insurance is not always guaranteed. Thankfully Healthcare Pros also offers this highly necessary benefit to their clients.

Direct Deposit

Another great feature and benefit of working with Healthcare Pros is the direct deposit option. Since you are working in a different city from where you live, relying on checks to cash can be inconvenient. While apps can help you deposit money from checks into your account, this can be time-consuming in its own right. Healthcare Pros gives you the option of a direct deposit. When funds are able to go directly into your account without worry or fuss, it makes things much easier for you and the clinic or hospital you work with.

Loyalty Incentives

The longer you work with Healthcare Pros, the more you get out of it. This company also gives loyalty incentives to nurses working with them. This means you stand to gain quite a bit from working with Healthcare Pros for more than just a few assignments. Sticking with them not only helps you advance your career, but it gives you benefits beyond those listed here.

401k Retirement Plan

With Healthcare Pros, you also never have to worry about a retirement plan. Again, this is often a perk that comes with working with a single hospital or healthcare facility, which could leave some travel nurses feeling they are lacking in an important part of work life. Fortunately, Healthcare Pros offers 401k retirement plans for their nurses, giving the security needed for those both with families and without.

Our Benefits & Perks​

Per Diem Nurses earn competitive wages and are able to provide a comfortable life for themselves. Here are some of the benefits we offer our nurses:

Industry-Best Pay Rates

We fight to ensure you get paid a wage that you can live on comfortably.

Paid Sick Leave​

No one should work if they are sick especially in an environment where you're caring for others.

Excellent Travel Compensation​

If you're interested in travel nursing, you've come to the right place! We are connected all over the United States

Loyalty Incentives​

As being a part of our team, we offer nurses incentives as a special thank you!

Referral Bonuses​

If you refer friends and other co-workers to us, we offer you a bonus for making the connection.

Health Insurance​

Health insurance is very important in today’s world. HCP offers plans that ensure your needs are met.

HMO/PPO reimbursement

If you have health insurance or are just not interested in the plans we offer, check with us on how we can help.

401k Retirement Plan​

HCP understands employees need income for the future. We offer various retirement vehicles to help you get there!

Direct Deposit and more

You work hard, so why walk or drive to the bank when the money can be waiting for you on pay day.

There’s no doubt that per diem nursing benefits are abundant! Is per diem for you? If choosing when and where to work is important to you, Healthcare Pros can help you capitalize on the flexibility and get you started!Apply to be a Per Diem nurse and start your adventure today!